Mabinti Dennis

Mabinti Dennis has been studying and practicing mindfulness meditation for over 25 years in the Shambhala community, where she trained as a Meditation Instructor. She shares this ancient practice with others through training and facilitating workshops. She co-facilitated meditation workshops in community organizations such as Niwasa Aboriginal Head Start, Eight Branches Healing Art Centre, Warden Woods Community Centre and Family Day Care Services. In her professional work she provides children, youth, adults and families with the tools to create a mindfulness spaces in their homes as well as with youths who are transitioning from prison life to school, community and homelife. Mabinti holds a Bachelor of Arts with High Honours from York University and a Diploma with High Honors from Seneca College in Early Childhood Education. She also holds certificates in Foundation in Applied Mindfulness Meditation, Applied Mindfulness Mediation Specialist, and Mindfulness Without Borders Curriculum from Factor-Inwentash, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. She also holds a certificate in Counselling Skills from the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre-Gail Apell Institute and a certificate in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder. Mabinti’s work involves mindfulness practice through the use of meditation, deep breathing and relaxation techniques. She is dedicated to introducing mindfulness practice to communities and individuals who have not yet been exposed to it or have not learned the value and benefits of these methods. She works as a clinician in the social service sector with children who are developmentally, physically and mentally challenged and who are facing life-threatening health issues.

2020 Honourees – 100ABCWomen

Orisha Burns

Orisha Burns, Toronto-born and based in the Caribbean, considers herself a citizen of the world. With a strong love for the planet and deep respect for culture, she connects to others and their vision with ease. In the professional world Orisha is an English-language instructor, writer, editor, and visual creator. She holds a BFA in New Media from Ryerson University (renamed Toronto Metropolitan University) and a TEFL certificate from the University of Toronto. In 2016, Orisha launched The Heavenly Crop, a plant-based wellness brand and community specializing in family-friendly body care. When she isn’t working for herself or clients, Orisha homeschools her two small children and enjoys being in nature, painting, reading, writing, dancing, studying, and all things delicious.