Stress Management for Mindful Parenting

This is a customized wellness series for Black parents/guardians. This 3-part series will explore the key elements of wellness and self-care. Participants will embark on a holistic creative path to explore and develop wellness skills using culturally-relevant mindfulness techniques and working with unique components of African/Black culture that relates directly to them. Each session will enhance the understanding of negative effects of stress on parents. The focus will be to understand the nature of stress and to address specific sources using mindfulness techniques.

The series is an in-depth continuum of self-care and stress management, for example asking ourselves “How do we learn about self-care? What is that? How do we consistently balance learning and practicing caring for oneself?” This will allow attendees to share ideas, network, and have meaningful dialogue about exploring self-care using mindfulness techniques to enhance their parenting capacity and build resilience while in their parenting role. The key elements in these sessions are to minimize stress and utilize the skills in practice. Specific strategies that will be discussed and practiced in this series.