Mindful ME! Children & Youth Program

Inspire your children to thrive. Tulsi Mindfulness Pathway offers a four-week mindfulness program for children 7 to 12 years. Support and motivate your child through daily challenges. Through engaging and interactive programming children will learn mindfulness through breathing exercises, movement, relaxation, listening skills, music, and stress management.

This 4-part series will explore the key elements of mindfulness. It will take participants on a creative path to explore how to use mindfulness techniques to develop positive skills that will help with emotional regulation, increase attention spans, and foster self-regulation in school age children.  

It will highlight and explore how mindfulness can assist in productivity, increased focus, self-awareness, empathy, and building resiliency when managing challenging situations. 

Through a culturally-based sessions using mindfulness along with the Kwanzaa principles of NIA and KUUMBA, children will define their purpose using the creative aspect of drawing, writing and music. They will learn how to use mindfulness techniques for self-care, as well as strategies for minimizing stress and bringing health and wellness to their daily lives.