Individual Mindfulness Practice

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life where we notice that we may be operating in survival mode, or on autopilot. It is then natural for us to seek out opportunities for personal growth and development. For many, this is where a mindfulness practice begins. There are numerous ways to embody mindfulness, being present and consciously aware of sensations, thoughts, and experiences – something that seems readily available to children at play or in creation mode.

For many mindfulness begins with the breath, simply being aware of our breath which can evolve to special breathing exercises. Other mindfulness activities include meditation, slow movement, body scans, walking, journaling, and visualization.

The Tulsi Pathway incorporates a variety of activities and techniques to help cultivate mindfulness, which supports us with relaxation, communicating with others, stress-management, goal-setting, parenting, and so much more. Begin or deepen your personal practice through various techniques such as yoga movement, breathwork, song, & storytelling.

Your journey in mindfulness can lead to greater synergy in daily life.

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