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Workplace Wellness Program

This workshop is centred on training employees in mindfulness techniques. The goal is to help staff members to deploy mind and body strategies to be able to manage stress more effectively. Through the development of various key mindfulness meditation techniques, staff members will learn creative mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and fine-tune awareness practices.

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Transformative Mindfulness Practices for Managing Anti-racism, Discrimination and Inclusion in the Workplace
Teaching anti-racism, discrimination and inclusion requires personal self-awareness, mindfulness practice and a commitment to personal development. Through mindfulness training in an interactive and easy workshop setting, you can help your team develop the techniques to engage in problem solving around some of the most challenges issues in our contemporary world.

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Mindfulness Training for Staff Working with People with Special Needs
For agencies who work with people who are developmental challenged. This workshop focuses on training staff to use mindfulness to restructure their work environment to help clients with ADHD, ASD and learning disabilities set up for success.

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We work directly with families, as well as organizations that

serve families.


Mindful ME! Children & Youth Program

Inspire your children to thrive. Tulsi Mindfulness Pathway offers a four-week mindfulness program for children 7 to 12 years. Support and motivate your child through daily challenges. Through engaging and interactive programming children will learn mindfulness through breathing exercises, movement, relaxation, listening skills, and stress management.

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Stress Management for Mindful Parenting

This is a customized wellness series for Black parents. The sessions will explore the key elements of wellness and self-care. Participants will embark on a holistic creative path to explore and develop wellness skills using culturally-relevant mindfulness techniques and working with unique components of African/Black culture that relates directly to them.

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Mindfulness for Children and Parents

This program is designed to help with individual growth and to support self-regulation through the use of mindfulness meditation practices. Through various forms of culturally-related mindfulness techniques, participants will learn key practices such as relaxation, deep breathing exercises, listening skills, visualization and body movements.

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