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Tulsi is a mindfulness pathway offering contemporary mindfulness techniques for adults and children.

The Idea

With workshops on wellness, a parenting program, and training for people with learning differences, such as ADHD and ASD, our goal is to enhance skills, build awareness, and foster resilience in daily life.

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Mindfulness is an ancient practice that was introduced to Western cultural traditions by people from diverse cultures. It emerges from a long tradition of consciousness practices to help us manage our hectic and demanding lives, full of multi-tasking, deadlines and multiple gadgets. The use of mindfulness techniques involves bringing oneself to the here and now and finding individual grounding to help build and become aware of one’s self in relationship to others.

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Tulsi is a sacred plant traditionally called the “Queen of Herbs” that is known for its healing powers. It helps to release stress and to enhance the overall quality of daily life. The essence of our training is to offer mindfulness pathways designed to enhance our life pathways. The strategies taught help individuals to increase regulation skills, build stronger relationships, learn relaxation and stress management techniques, build listening skills and increase resiliency. We teach mindfulness creatively through various mindfulness activities such as songs, story-telling, yoga movements and breathing exercises. This journey in mindfulness can lead to greater synergistic flows in daily life.

Find the missing link

For so many of us the thing that separates us from a sense of peace, joy or accomplishment is a lack of mindfulness.

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Train your brain

Learn a variety of techniques to practice that over time will deepen untapped neuro pathways and help create new habits and patterns in life.

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Our Program

Our program is designed to help with individual growth, fine-tune awareness of the body and mind, embrace new and effective mindfulness stress management techniques, manage healthy and professional lifestyles, fine-tune self-awareness and promote effective self-regulation. Through various forms of culturally related mindfulness techniques, participants will learn key practices to increase their understanding of mindfulness. This will include ways to use mindfulness techniques to develop positive skills, help regulate emotions, increase attention spans and be better prepared for life’s challenges.

It is a practice.

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What makes Tulsi unique?

Suitable for adults & children

Culturally informed

Programs for corporations, organizations, families & individuals

Experienced with neurodiversity

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We can help you

expand your toolkit.

We incorporate movement, breathwork, meditation, storytelling, art, and song to cultivate mindfulness in everything you do.

The Present

Hey, let’s stay in the moment.

Testimonials & Reviews

Some Love From the Community

Staff Review

Jewish Vocational Services

“It made me aware of how applicable these techniques are. I am grateful for the number of options, the practicality of the activities, to learn self-care strategies for myself, clients, and others. I already adopted many strategies to help me get through the day. It made me aware of how applicable mindfulness is. I am grateful for the number of options.”

“The wellness workshop provided a variety of useful and interesting mindfulness techniques such as; engaging group discussion, the focus on breathing which helped me to relax and focus, simple yoga exercise to use in the office, relaxation for my mind and body all of which are easy to implement.”

Staff Review

Organization Workshop for Clients with Autism and Learning Disabilities

“The facilitators are well prepared, resourceful in sharing many materials, references, using visual aids, videos to support the effectiveness of the presentation. They possessed extreme knowledge of mindfulness, people with disabilities, group facilitation, and connection with the audience. They were professional, had great presentation skills and were very friendly. After the session, the employee was ready to be mindful of the client to be successful.”

“The workshop provided informative, hands-on tools and many strategies to help me get through the day. The session was well executed, technique- driven, great balance of therapy and practice, and educational. I learned self-care strategies for myself, clients and family. I loved the aspect of introducing key practices. Great workshop. Excellent presentation.”


Mindful Society Global Institute

Mabinti Dennis, champion for diversity & inclusion in mindfulness. Mabinti has been studying Buddhism and practicing mindfulness meditation through the Shambhala Meditation tradition for over 30 years. She is a trained Meditation Instructor. She is the Founder of Tulsi Mindfulness Pathway for Children and Parents offering wellness workshops for the workplace and, working with families to create mindfulness spaces in their homes. Mabinti Dennis serves as Mindful Society Global Institute’s Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion. She is dedicated to introducing mindfulness practice to communities and individuals who have not yet been exposed to or learned the value and benefits of mindfulness. Currently, she is developing a community-focused mindfulness program for the Black community to bring meditation technique children and youth.”

Your journey in mindfulness can lead to greater synergy in daily life.

Practice mindfulness. Work mindfully. Play mindfully.

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